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Tarot Voyages

   I'm Reverend Dominick Guerriero and I've been a Tarot reader for twenty years. I specialize in readings with the Tarot, Oracle Cards and am also a clairvoyant medium. This means I am able to see images, feel impressions, and can communicate with your ancestors and spirit guides in order to gain further assistance with the Tarot reading. I also specialize in readings regarding pregnancy and conception, as well as helping couples conceive children.

     In 2005, I was initiated in the beautiful Afro-Brazilian religion, Candomblé. 
Candomblé is a tradition in Brazil that has origins in the Yoruba religion of West Africa. My religion honors the divine forces that are present in nature and in humankind. 
My guardian orisha or deity whom I was initiated is Logunede, the orisha of youth, beauty, luck and magic.
       Coming from a diverse family background, I am also a practicioner of Southern Italian folk magic. 

     In September 2017, I participated as a speaker on the panel Lemonade & Iron, Gender and Sexuality in Ritual which was sponspored by the Caribbean Cultural Center of New York City. 

      I am also an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church and I have officiated weddings, spiritual baptisms, and other rights of passage. I also offer these services as well. 
    I hold a Bachelors of Arts Degree in History from Queens College, New York and am currently pursuing a Masters of Arts Degree in History from American Public University.