Past Life Reading. This one hour session explores your past lives in detail.It will highlight any lessons that need to be learned and aid in impoving your current incarnation. 

$105 USD

Courses & Spiritual Coaching 

Embark on a Journey. Let the Tarot be your guide.

In Depth Reading:This reading covers more than one question or topic. Time limit:45 mins. $42 USD 

Birthday Reading:This special once a year reading looks at the year from your birthday. This is a perfect birthday gift for a loved one. 

​$35 USD


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An Introductory Voyage to Tarot:Part One

  This course is a beginner's lesson on reading the Tarot. The history, caring and maintainice of cards, and how to conduct a successful reading is explored in this class. A course outline will be emailed to the student and a brief homework assignment is a given at the end of the session to be discussed in the second session. Class will be conducted via Skype, FB Messenger or Facetime and is approximately 45-50 minutes.

$42 USD


menu of services

​​New Year Reading:This reading looks at the 12 months ahead at the upcoming year as well as the overall theme of the year. Available till from December 1st to January 31st annually.  $32 USD

Magical and Spiritual Services

Spiritual and Spellwork Consultation:Before any spiritual or magical work can be done on behalf of a client, a reading must take place. This reading is done to ensure if spiritual or magical work for love, prosperity, reconcililation, justice, protection, or court cases are necessary. $27 USD

Ancestor and Spirit Guide Reading: This reading explores the messages that departed family members and spiritual guides have for you. It is a more mediumship type reading and will assist you in contacting and maintaining a relationship with  your ancestors and guides. $52 USD

Custom Candle Ritual. This spritual service is for 1 custom made 7 day candle that is carved with sigils and dressed with oils and herbs. Each candle is blessed and will be placed on a sacred shrine. Each candle is custom made. Please include any pertient information in your request or contact $27 USD

​​One Question Reading: This reading only covers one specific question or topic. Maximum 15 minute time limit.

$22 USD

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