In Depth Reading:This reading covers more than one question or topic. Time limit:45 mins. $42 USD 

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Pregancy and Fertility Consultations

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Courses & Spiritual Coaching 

Tarot Voyages


Birthday Reading:This special once a year reading looks at the year from your birthday. This is a perfect birthday gift for a loved one. 

​$35 USD

Over the years, I have predicted the birth of children for many clients, friends, and family members. 99% of these predictions have come true, including the gender of the child and the number of children the person would have in total. I have also done rituals to increase the chances of conception for couples. These have also been highly successful. If you are curious about future children or have issues with conception please contact me. This is not substitute for medical advice or treatment but is to be used in conjunction with it.  $62 USD

​​One Question Reading: This reading only covers one specific question or topic. Maximum 15 minute time limit.

$22 USD

Magical and Spiritual Services

An Introductory Voyage to Tarot:Part One

  This course is a beginner's lesson on reading the Tarot. The history, caring and maintainice of cards, and how to conduct a successful reading is explored in this class. A course outline will be emailed to the student and a brief homework assignment is a given at the end of the session to be discussed in the second session. Class will be conducted via Skype, FB Messenger or Facetime and is approximately 45-50 minutes.

$42 USD


Spiritual and Spellwork Consultation:Before any spiritual or magical work can be done on behalf of a client, a reading must take place. This reading is done to ensure if spiritual or magical work for love, prosperity, reconcililation, justice, protection, or court cases are necessary. $27 USD

Embark on a Journey. Let the Tarot be your guide.

Custom Candle Ritual. This spritual service is for 1 custom made 7 day candle that is carved with sigils and dressed with oils and herbs. Each candle is blessed and will be placed on a sacred shrine. Each candle is custom made. Please include any pertient information in your request or contact $27 USD

Past Life Reading. This one hour session explores your past lives in detail.It will highlight any lessons that need to be learned and aid in impoving your current incarnation. 

$105 USD

Exu/Pombagira Consultation

This reading is to determine which Exu & Pombagira walk with you or to any workings pretauning to them. $42 USD

Witchcraft Bootcamp Course:A 13

month course for the spiritually fit & fabulous

This intensive witchcraft course helps 

aspiring witches learn to perfect their craft, 

work with Ancestors, familiar spirits, the

elements, and the lunar and solar cycles. This is a one-on-one course where you will receive personalized instruction on the Craft.

Ancestor and Spirit Guide Reading: This reading explores the messages that departed family members and spiritual guides have for you. It is a more mediumship type reading and will assist you in contacting and maintaining a relationship with  your ancestors and guides. $52 USD

​​New Year Reading:This reading looks at the 12 months ahead at the upcoming year as well as the overall theme of the year. Available till from December 1st to January 31st annually.  $32 USD